We believe that is its still possible to revert unhealthy development trends and make cities more livable.

We believe in smart cities.

We believe that we can enhance lives through the integration of art and open cultural spaces actively and proactively managed with an holistic approach.

We believe we can revitalize entire neighborhoods combining art, culture, technology, green efficiency and mobility creating a new lifestyle experience where emotions and senses stimulations are the core.

This sounds a dream but this is why we are in business, these are our motivational drivers.

CD&P and its architects put humam experience at the beginning of the design process. Human values are not negotiable.

Wellbeing is now a philosophy that is permeating design, putting people first. The purpose is to create a sense of happiness, empowerment.

You enter in a space you don’t know why you feel the way you feel but it has all been orchestrated, that is what we want to achieve.

Luxury is attention, is care, it is not opulency.

Typically a  building process is a sequence of decisions, and the so called soft decisions are made at the end if there is any money and budget left.

At CD&P we like to invert that process to integrate the experience of the place with the design and architecture from the very beginning to make a place where the minute you walk in you just feel relaxed as though you belonged: a Home

We believe in making the ordinary extraordinary

What happens when we think and act work for this, it makes us much more open to each other and much closer and it’s a really interesting way of building a community.


Geographical focus in countries with positive and sustainable growth of population and GDP.

It combines a risk-management style approach and strong structuring capabilities with the vision and experience of a veteran with a successful track record in pioneering the redevelopment of the historical center of Panama City.

The latter allows us to anticipate the natural urbanization development of the city.

CD&P’s current investment thesis had been embraced by its founders since 2008, who’s visionary perspective has lead the company to generate consistent returns proving strong resilience and built itself a name among other local developers by generating alpha even in the toughest credit conditions.

CD&P currently has over 50,000 sqm in assets under development/construction in Panama City.