CD&P Investment Group

New Art and Cultural District

CD&Ps spearheads the revitalization and promotion of local cultural activities

  • Thanks to the great inflow of capital for investment in the renovation and revitalization of San Felipe since around 10 years and more recently Santa Ana, Casco Antiguo is now the most visited and vibrant neighborhood of the city.
  • Flagrant lack of local cultural spaces led CD&P to reactivate and redevelop the Teatro Variedades into the fulcrum of culture and entertainment of Panama’s “Old Town” and use its history to create and market a multifunctional space by elevating local artistic talent by providing cultural contents and attract new residents starting with artists.

  • The conversion of Teatro Variedades is considered one of the leading drivers of a longer term play, where the government itself is aiming to reinstate Santa Ana as the cultural centre of the city and creating an “Art District” for the city of Panama.
  • It is in the government’s best interest to promote cultural initiatives and facilitate the revitalization of the area by approving renovation plans for public spaces

  • The Art District project is promoted and handled by cultural ambassadors, art galleries and local artists.

  • CD&P is working on the conversion of Casa Azul, a building located one block away from Teatro Variedades, where on its 3 floors, will boast a gym accessible by the local community, a wood factory, an art gallery, 30 artist studios and available spaces for Fundacion Esperanza.

  • Casa Azul represents the initial phase and is the first of a series of projects that will constitute the Art District. Next will be the renovation of five other cultural spaces to be completed and operational within the coming months.